Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Story in English

First big love

She had name as a flower. She was beautiful as a flower. She was so beautiful that when we went walking to the city, people were turning to gaze at her, but nobody saw me. We met at the Youth festival, she were there as a student of visual art, me as an young author. She did not speak much, but was very much concerned about the future of our love. We were absolutely sure that we will get married and she was studying books about marriage to be ready to be the best wife for me. And, of course, she found lot of tests to check if I will be the best husband for her. Our families were convinced that we are the couple for the rest of our lives. She even invented solution in case that some of us (me?) will get married accidentally with someone else.

“Never mind,” she said, “this can not be an obstacle. We will be lovers forever.”
We were in age of sweet sixteen and everything we said about the love was meant deadly seriously. After two years of our teenage love we both went to the University. Me to study a science, she went to the Academy of art. There she, always shinning and mostly silent person, discovered a bohemian world promising so much to the young body and soul and she forgot about me. There was not a last “good bye” words between us, because there was still that idea of being lovers forever.

Two other years passed and I did not hear about her. I was alone, studying, writing, playing theatre, organizing cultural events, simply working hard to let her know publicly that I am in the city. And one evening she called.

With her soft voice she recalled to the phone all my public signs to her during that long period. She said that she got married meanwhile and has a little child, but this is not an obstacle. She wants us to meet.

I had my rented apartment and we met. We talked and I realized that during that time we were not together I already discovered new horizons, traveling and finding scientific and literary connections with the world, while she got trapped in the her premature marriage and the motherhood. Than, as planned years before, our bodies met again. But not our souls. In our sweet sixteen’s we were not aware that this could happened, that this could be the obstacle for to be lover forever. I never heard about her from that night on. This was the true end of our first big love that should never end …

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Sissi Soko said...

Gustav i know this story, she is my good girlfriend from the basic school. My second best friend. You was realy a big love for her. The first and bigest.