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Name and surname: Gustáv Murín
Date and place of birth: April, 9th , 1959 in Bratislava, Slovakia
Address: G. Murín, Hagaru 17, 831 51 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

In Slovak:
* LETO PRAJE MILENCOM/SUMMER FAVORS LOVERS, collection of love-stories, Corinex, 1990 / Copies available abroad: Czech and Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids, University of Iowa, Slovak Institute in Budapest, Internationella Biblioteket Stockholm, Czech Cultural Institute Stockholm, Cyprus PEN Library, Ottawa University, Oslo University, Slovak Institute in Paris…
* NÁVRATY ZO SVETLA/COMEBACKS FROM LIGHT, collection of sci-fi stories, Slovenský spisovateľ, 1990 / Copies available abroad: British Library, Cleveland Public Library, Columbia University, Harvard University, Library of Congress, School of Slavic and East European Studies in London, UCLA, University of Pittsburgh, The Research Library of South Bohemia...
* NÁHRADNÝ KONIEC SVETA/SUBSTITUTIONAL END OF THE WORLD, collection of three essays about future of human civilization, Lita, 1992 / Copies available abroad: Czech and Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids, Indiana University, Harvard University, University of Iowa, University of Washington…
* PUD KONTRA KULTÚRA/INSTINCT CONTRA CULTURE, extensive essay-study about human sexuality, Print-Servis, 1994 / Copies available abroad: Czech and Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids, University of Iowa…
* ORGAZMODRÓMY/ORGASMODROMES, collection of essays and articles about human sexuality, Meritum, 1997 / Copies available abroad: New York Public Library…
* AKO SA MÁŠ/HOW ARE YOU, novel, Illusion, 1998 / Copies available abroad: Harvard University, Int. Writing Program Library - Univ. of Iowa, New York Public Library, Northwestern University, University of Oklahoma, University of Pittsburgh, University of Washington, Int. Museum Samarkand, Slovak Institute in Budapest, Slovak Institute in Warszaw, Internationella Biblioteket Stockholm, Czech Cultural Institute Stockholm, Cyprus PEN Library, Ottawa University, Oslo University, Slovak Institute in Paris…
* ZVIERATÁ, JA A INÉ (prózy)/ANIMALS, ME AND OTHER PROSE, collection of stories and essay about animals, Slovenský spisovateľ, 1998 / Copies available abroad: Harvard University, New York Public Library, Northwestern University, University of Toronto…
* TAK AKO BOHOVIA/JUST LIKE THE GODS, non-fi study presenting impact of natural sciences into our daily life, Slovart, 2001.
* VŠETKO JE INAK/EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT, collection of essays about literature, Vyd. Matice slovenskej, 2007 / Slovanska knjižnica (Ljubljana), Bayerischen Staatsbibliotek (München)...
* NÁVOD NA MANŽELSTVO/HANDBOOK OF MARRIAGE, popular „handbook“ about marriage, Ikar, 2007.
* MAFIA V BRATISLAVE/MAFIA IN BRATISLAVA, retrospection of the organized crime in 90-ties in the capitol city, Marenčin PT, 2008 / More than 21 000 copies sold.
* NÁVOD NA DLHOVEKOSŤ/HANDBOOK OF LONGEVITY, popular „handbook“ for longevity, Metro Media, 2009.
* MAFIA NA SLOVENSKU/MAFIA IN SLOVAKIA, retrospection of the organized crime in 90-ties in Slovak republic, Marenčin PT, 2009 / First print 20 000 copies.

In Czech:
* PŘÍPAD POHŘBENÉHO HŘBITOVA/THE CASE OF A BURIED CEMETERY, novella, Mladá Fronta Publ., Prague, 1989 / Copies available abroad: National Library of Czech Republic, The Research Library of South Bohemia…
* NÁHRADNÍ KONEC SVĚTA/SUBSTITUTIONAL END OF THE WORLD, collection of three essays, Ivo Železný Publ., Prague, 1999 / Copies available abroad: National Library of Czech Republic…
* SEX KONTRA KULTURA/SEX CONTRA CULTURE, actualized from book “Instinct contra culture”, Hynek Publ., Prague, 1999 / Copies available abroad: Harvard University, Library of Congress, web-Amazon …
* A STANETE SE BOHY/AND YOU WILL BECOME GODS, collection of three essays, Ivo Železný Publ., Prague, 2002.
* ABECEDA TĚLESNÉ LÁSKY/ALPHABET OF PHYSICAL LOVE (+ P. Weiss), encyclopaedia, Triton Publ., Prague, 2004.
* Česko-slovenský/Slovensko-český DUALÓG (+ P. Žantovský), collection of articles about relationships between Czechs and Slovaks, Slovenský literárny klub v ČR, Prague, 2009.

In French:
* SVET JE MALÝ/LE MONDE EST PETIT, collection of travel stories, Langues&Mondes – L´Asiathèque, Paris, France, 2005, in bilingual Slovak-French edition / Copies available abroad: INALCO (Paris), Maison des Langues Vivantes á Bruxelles, Slovak Institute in Paris, Libraire nationale Francaise, Univ. de Lille …

In Hindí (India):
* SAFARNAMA/FINDING THE RIGHT WAY, collection of travel stories, Krishna Publ., New Delhi, 2006.

In Croatian:

* KAKO JE MALEN OVAJ SVIJET, collection of travel stories, Edicije Božičević, Zagreb, 2009

Publications in electronic form:
* Proppe and others (collection of fiction at diskettes distribution, Net-Book-Club, Denmark, 1997, in
* How are you (novel,, Sept. - Dec. 2005).
* Such a normal America (series of travel stories, 2007 + www.euro-domino, 2008)
* Traveling through Spain (series of travel stories,, 2008)
* Radioactive! (novel,, July - Aug. 2008, 15 parts, approx. 30 000 readers).
* Mafia in Slovakia (non-fi,, Oct. - Dec. 2009, 30 parts, approx. XY readers).
* Different stories and essays in:,,,,,…

Other publications:
- Special audio-publication of NÁVRATY ZO SVETLA for blind people (180 min.), Slovenská knižnica pre nevidiacich, Levoča, 1991
- novel „Experiment with love“ in 24 parts in newspaper PRAVDA (Aug. 2007, approx. 120 000 readers).
- Gustáv Murín in Translation, PEEM, Bratislava, 2004 (selection of translated texts).
- Co-author of 13 different collections of stories and/or essays in Slovakia and 13 abroad (Austriax2, Czech Republic x5, Cyprus, France, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, USA).
- Author of 12 radio-dramas, TV documents, TV movie and art movie.
- Author of more than 1200 articles in 50 major Slovak, Czech and internat. newspapers and magazines.

Internet publications:

Regular articles in Slovak and Czech:, Česká média, Neviditelný pes, Britské listy,, Webnoviny/Hydepark, Euro-Domino…
Samples of literary texts in Slovak:,…

Czech Republic:

Translations of G. Murín writings to other languages:
Afghanistan/Darí: travel story The Best Chest in the West (Zanbel-e-Gham 1/2004)
Armenia: travel story The Best Chest in the West (read. 12.10. 2003)
travel story Suede Shoes (read. 12.10. 2003)
Austria: travel story Die tollsten Brüste des Westens (read. 19.10. 2003)
travel story Der schönste Busen des Westens (Podium literatur, 11/2006)
essay Central Europe – Lost, Found and lost again? (APA, 2007)
essay Central Europe – Lost, Found and lost again? (APA, Wieser Verlag, 2008)
Bangladesh: travel story What´s Certain in the World? (The Envoy 1.-15.8. 2003)
Belgium: travel story La plus belle poitrine de tout l’Ouest!
Bosnia & Herzegovina: Najljepše grudi Zapada (Diwan 13-14/2004)
Brazil: travel story O Melhor Peito Do Oeste
Bulgaria: essay Životjt kato samizdat (Plambk 1-2/2002)
story Temperatura (Plambk 5-6 /2004)
Croatia: essay Povratak u raj Adame i Eve (Croatian edition of Lettre Internationale, 1994)
literary-reportage Bratislava - grad za sebe! (Vijenac 14/1994)
short-short story Izbori muha (Homo Volans 12/1996)
short-short story Kratki obrazovni tečaj za muhe (Homo Volans 12/1996)
Czech Rep.: short-short story Well-Organized Hopelessness (alm. Profil, Ostrava, 1981)
story Protectors (Svoboda-Prague, 1986)
essay Young author – prototype for year 1987 (Kmen, 1987)
radio-drama Protectors (Czechoslovak Radio, Ostrava, 1988)
short-short story Dialogue, that nobody listen (Kmen, 1988)
short-short story Inevitable run off home (Kulturní rozvoj, 1988)
essay You will be like a Gods (Tvar, 2000)
essay Human rights for animals? (Vesmír, 3/2001)
essay Biology of T.V. spectator (alm. Media as obstacle in communic., Votobia, 2003)
essay Poetry of scientific information (alm. Dialogue Science & Art, 2002)
essay Art and science – who with whom? (alm. Dialogue Science & Art, 2003)
essay Human rights to animals? (Radio Vltava, Ostrava, 4.11. 2003)
essay Word for (all?) money (alm. Great literature of small nations, Votobia, 2003)
essay Art and science – who with whom? (Zrkadlenie/Zrcadlení, 1/2004)
essay The fate of literature in unification of Europe (Zrkadlenie/Zrcadlení, 1/2004)
essay Right to eat (Vesmír, 5/2005; Lidové noviny 14.5.2005)
essay How to do it (alm. Art as a tool of communication, Votobia, 2005)
story There is a fault somewhere (Zrkadlenie/Zrcadlení, 2/2005)
essay Word and power (Zrkadlenie/Zrcadlení, 3/2005)
travel story Night in Sheraton (HotelRevue č.6/2005)
study-essay Word and power - extraordinary struggle of Central-European authors
with ideology in global view (Acta Univ. Palackianae Olomucensis Facultas
Philosophica – Studia Moravica IV, Symposiana, Olomouc, 2006, p.229 - 238)
essay Visegrad countries in the centre of the Europe (Zrkadlenie/Zrcadlení, 3/2006)
travel story Čípák/Hostel in Denver (HotelRevue č.6/2006)
travel story Zberatelia hotelových suvenírov (HotelRevue č.6/2006)
travel story Nejkrásnější prsa Západu (Cestopisy č.3-4/2009)
travel story Zkušenost vědeckého bezdomovce (Cestopisy č.5-6/2009)
travel story Hodní hoši (Cestopisy č.11-12/2009)
Cyprus: travel story A Feeling (In Focus No.3/2004)
travel story Magic electric power (In Focus No.4/2005)
travel story Aeroporiko Eizithrio Gia Ton Paradeizo (Anthology Próza, Akdozeiz
Armida, 2006)
travel story Finding a right way (In Focus No.1/2008)
travel story Meeting in Medan (In Focus No.3/2008)
Denmark: travel story En Følelse
Estonia: travel story Lääne parim tissipaar
Finland: travel story The best chest in the West
France: radio feature As – tu toujours tou choix?
travel story Chaussures de daim
travel story La plus belle poitrine de tout l’Ouest!
travel feature Pourquoi cela vaut–il la peine de voyager
travel story Un ange nommé Milan
travel story Les Forces Magiques (de l’électricité)
travel story Ce qu’est l’Amérique
travel story Trouver Le bon chemin
travel story Endroits interdits
travel story Un étranger qui ne dérange pas
travel story Histoire triste d’un alpiniste
travel story Un miracle dans la Ville Sainte
travel story En tramway pour le paradis
travel story De L´humain, rien ne peut nous etre etranger
travel story Comment meurent les pietons
travel story Qui vole en Italie?
travel story Le Monde est petit
travel story Souvenirs
travel story Des parents dans un pays lointain
travel story Qu´y-a-t-il de sur dans ce monde?
travel story Un a chat formidable
travel story Vol de Madrid
travel story La compagnie des wagons-lits
travel story L’Experience d´un scientifique sans domicile fixe
travel story Un billet dávion pour le ciel
travel story Sentiment
story Les ailes sur le fauteuil roulant (Espaces, 2008)
Georgia: travel story The Best Chest in the West
Germany: essay Leben als Samizdat (Centre for Information on Literature, 2002)
travel story Überschreitung der Grenzen
travel story Die Feier
Greece: travel story A Feeling
story Fever
Greenland: travel story Inngili Jozefimik Atilik (Kalaaleq Nov. 2004)
Hungary: travel story A Nyugat legszebb mellei (read. 18.11. 2003)
travel story P.S.: Érzés
travel story Orosz ünneplés…
essay A feminizmus mint a harmadik rossz (Kisebbségi Politika, Matarka, 2003)
India/Hindi: story Paradise/Swarg (Saar Sansaar, Oct. 1997)
story Searching for Paradise (Kadambini, 1998)
story Sunday in my hometown (Kadambini, Special issue Feb. 2001)
story Avisamarniya Ravivaar/Unforgetable Sunday (Saar Sansaar, Oct.-Dec. 2004)
story Avisamarniya Ravivaar/Unforgetable Sunday (Swatantra Varta, 6/2005)
story Playboy Kitten (Saar Sansaar, Spec. Issue, 2006)
+ 23 travel stories in collection Safarnama (Krishna Publ., 2006)
Italy: travel story Il più bel seno del West
Japan: summary about published books, Giallo Quarterly 6/2002
Kyrgyzstan: travel story Sezim
Lithuania: travel story The Best Chest in the West (Literatúra ir Menas, 26.9.2003)
Macedonia: travel story Најдобрите гради на Запад (web-site Diversity, Sept. 2004)
travel story Чевли од антилопска кожа (web-site Diversity, Sept. 2004)
travel story Што е сигурно на светот? (web-site Diversity, Sept. 2004)
travel story Чувство (web-site Diversity, Sept. 2004)
Malawi/ Chichewa: travel story Nganga Yopambana Zonse Kuzambwe
Malta: travel story L-ISBAĦ SIDER FIL-PUNENT
Poland: travel story Dziesięcioro turystów, cztery kozy i słowacki w Nowym Meksyku (read.
10.6. 2003, 14.4. 2004)
travel story Najpiękniejsze piersi Zachodu (read. 10.6. 2003, 14.4. 2004)
Portugal: travel story Encontrar a saída
travel story Sensação
travel story Os sapatos de camurça
Roma-East Europe: travel story Majsukar cuca e zapadoske
Romania: travel story P.S.: Feeling (Almanac Between, 1995)
short-short story Crossing Borders (Euphorion 1/1997)
short-short story Culture-shock (Euphorion 1/1997)
travel story The Best Chest in the West (Euphorion 1/1997)
story Searching for Paradise (ArtPanorama 6/1998)
story Horúčka (Naše snahy Plus 3/2007)
Russia: short story Planet of a happy dead people (Almanac of Slovak authors, MIK, Moskva, 2009)
travel story Ošuščenie
Serbia: travel story Najbolje grudi Zapada (read 6.10.2006, 14.9.2007; mag. Priča 11/2007)
Sierra Leone/ Krio: travel story Di Best Chest Nar Di West
Slovakia (in English):
story Perfectly Wasted Sunday (Almanac Central Europe - Now!, 1995)
short essay Virus as a Principle (Slovak Literary Review 1/1997)
essay Adam and Eve of the Year 2000 (part, Slovak Literary Review 1/1997)
travel story The Best Chest in the West (What’s on 2/2003)
travel story Black Market Adventure (What’s on 3/2003)
travel story What’s Certain in the World? (What’s on 4/2003)
travel story The World is Small (What’s on 5/2003)
travel story Flight from Madrid (What’s on 12/2003)
travel story Suede Shoes (What’s on 1/2004)
essay Life as a samizdat (Album of Slovak writers 3/2003)
travel story The extinction of the Walker (What’s on 2/2004)
travel story International understanding without words (What’s on 3/2004)
travel story Angel called Milan (What’s on 4/2004)
travel story Kissing with soldiers (What’s on 5/2004)
travel story Magic electric power (What’s on 6/2004)
travel story Forbidden places (What’s on 7/2004)
travel story Finding a right way (What’s on 10/2004)
travel story Souvenirs (What’s on 11/2004)
travel story Miracle in the Holy City (What’s on 12/2004)
travel story Relatives far away (What’s on 1/2005)
travel story To Paradise by tram (What’s on 2/2005)
travelogue War in Bratislava (What’s on 1/2006)
travelogue Skiing Mishaps (What’s on 2/2006)
travelogue The hot experience from the cold winter (What’s on 3/2006 + 1/2007)
travelogue When winter is over (What’s on 4/2006)
travelogue Love in Slovakia (What’s on 5/2006)
travelogue Almost unknown and hidden treasures (What’s on 6/2006)
travelogue Higher temperature, higher altitude... (What’s on 7/2006)
travelogue Swimming in heat (What’s on 8/2006)
travelogue Swimming in hot waters (What’s on 9/2006)
travelogue Indian Summer belongs to Old Woman (What’s on 10/2006)
travelogue Time to ski (What’s on 11/2006)
travelogue Christmas Tree & Christmas Fare (What’s on 12/2006)
Slovenia: travel story Najboljši joški na Zahodu
Spain: travel story El Mundo es Pequeño (read. 25.11. 2003)
Sweden: essay Den egoistiska DNA:n (read. 11.12. 2003)
travel story Der där känslan
Ukraine: short story Planet of a happy dead people (Almanac of Czech and Slovak sci-fi
authors, Molod, Ukraine, 1987)
U. K.: editorial Central Europe Now! (P.E.N. International 1/1997)
story Wings for a wheelchair (Espaces, 2008)
United States: travel story Crossing Borders (100 words, 1995)
story On the Road with Wild Horses (Almanac Autumn Leaves, 1996)
short-short story Well-Organized Hopelessness ( River Oak Review 6/1996)
short story Program of the Glory ( Short Story International - Student Series 62/1996)
short story The Day in My Hometown (Short Story International 115/1996)
essay Centre of Centre (100 words, 1998)
short-short story A Brief Educational Course From Flies (The Southern California
Anthology, 2006)
Well-Organized Hopelessness (, 2009)
Vietnam: travel story Boä Ngöďc Ngoaďi Haďng Mieŕn Taây

Literary presentations abroad:
1994: Prague (Czech Republic)
1995: Zagreb (Croatia), Ilieni (Romania), 4xIowa City + Old Dominion Univ., Norfolk (USA)
1996: Zagreb (Croatia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Prague (Czech Rep.), Likani (Georgia)
1997: Pilsen (Czech Rep.)
1998: Oklahoma University, Norman + ARTOMI/Ledig House (USA)
1999: 2xPrague (Czech Rep., 1xBook-Fair))
2000: New Delhi (India, Authors Guild of India) + Kathmandu (Nepal)
2001: Prague (Czech Rep.)
2002: 3xČeské Budějovice + Buchlovice + Prague Book-Fair + Litoměřice (all in Czech Rep.); Chateau de
Lavigny (Switzerland), Ohrid (Macedonia), 2xUniv. of Iowa + Northwestern University (USA)
2003: Buchlovice + Litoměřice + České Budějovice + Staré Hrady + 2xPrague (all in Czech Rep.), Warszawa (Poland), Helsinki (Finland), Yerevan (Armenia), Vienna (Austria), Budapest + Sarvash (both in Hungary), 2xMexico City (Mexico), Stockholm (Sweden)
2004: Buchlovice + 3xPrague + Litoměřice + České Budějovice (all in Czech Rep.), 2xOttawa + Toronto
(Canada), Tállya + Sarvaš (both in Hungary), Oslo + Tromsø (both in Norway), Paris (France)
2005: Olomouc Book-Fair + Litoměřice (Czech Republic)
2006: Paris Book-Fair (France), Bled (Slovenia), Litoměřice (Czech Rep.), Beograd (Serbia),
Vienna (Austria), Cognac (France), Ljubljana Book-Fair (Slovenia)
2007: Prague (Czech Republic), Sičevo – Niš – Bela Palanka (Serbia)
2008: Paris – 2xStrassbourg (France)
2009: 2xLille (France), 2xThessaloniki + 2xAthens…

+ more than 70 literary presentations in 27 cities of Slovakia

Editor of almanac Central Europe - Now!, 1995 (Copies available abroad: Cambridge University, Library of Congress, New York Public Library, University of Oklahoma…)

International fellowships:
International Writing Program at University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA (Aug. - Nov., 1995)
Creative Reporting Workshop - Facing the Challenge of the 21st Century, conducted by
Ryszard Kapuściński (Stefan Batory Foundation, Warszawa, Poland, Nov., 1997 - June, 1998)
International Writers´ Residence in Ledig House/Art-Omi, USA (Sept. - Nov., 1998)
Independent Project of ArtsLink, USA (Feb. – May, 2001)
International Writers´ Residence in Château de Lavigny, Switzerland (July - Aug., 2002)
International Writers´ Colony, Sičevo, Serbia (Sept., 2007)
International Writers´ Residence, Ekemel, Lefkes – Paros, Greece, (June, 2009)

Awards: Best Slovak story (1979), Best Czech and Slovak story (1981), Best Czech and Slovak novella (1986), Special prize in Slovak radio drama (1988), Honorary Fellow in Writing by Univ. of Iowa (1995), Best essay of the year (literary magazine Slovenské pohľady, 1996), Best non-fiction book of the year in Czech and Slovak Republics (E.E.Kisch Award, 2003), The best story for the children (Fifik´s Children Jury Award, 2005), 3rd place at journalist CEE Award (Central and East Europe - APA, 2006).

Establisher of satiric samizdat Voice of the Boiler-room (1989-92).
Field Study Evaluator for Antioch University (student Tom Reynolds, 1999).
Expert of European Commission for literature projects in programme Culture 2000 (2002).

Organizing activities: Establisher of Club of young playwrights (Bratislava, 1985), Establisher of Circle of young authors (Bratislava, 1986), organizer of Second conference of young writers of Central and Eastern Europe (Budmerice, 1994), organizer of round-table „Writers and politics“ (Oklahoma Univ., 2001), main organizer of Visegrad literary forum (Budmerice; 2002, 2003), main organizer of UNESCO/PEN conference „Young PEN for the equalization of the creative environment throughout Europe” (Budmerice, 2003) main organizer of Global PEN Library with round-tables “Writer and power” + “Library as last stronghold of literature?” (Bratislava/Budmerice, 2004).

Active participation at international literary conferences:
1993 - Ohrid (Macedonia); 1994 - Pecs (Hungary), Budapest (Hungary), Budmerice (Slovakia); 1995 - Prague (Czech Republic), Ilieni (Romania); 1996 - Elsinor (Denmark), Bled (Slovenia), Prague (Czech Republic), Minsk (Belarus), Budmerice (Slovakia), Budapest (Hungary), Likani (Georgia), Guadalajara (Mexico); 1997 - Edinburgh (Scotland); 1998 - Riga (Latvia), Chichester (England), Nicosia (Cyprus); 1999 - Warszawa (Poland); 2000 - Kathmandu (Nepal), Moscow (Russia, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina); 2001 - London (U.K.); 2002 - Litoměřice (Czech Republic), České Budějovice (Czech Republic), Ohrid (Macedonia), Budmerice Castle (Slovakia), Bratislava/Budmerice (Visegrad Literary Forum); 2003 - Litoměřice (Czech Republic), Helsinki (Finland), Yerevan (Armenia), Garmisch Partenkirchen (Germany), Budmerice Castle (Slovakia), Mexico City (Mexico); 2004 - Prague (Czech Republic), Nicosia (Cyprus), Bratislava/Budmerice (Global PEN Library), Tállya (Hungary), Litoměřice (Czech Republic), Tromső (Norway), Paris-Bruxelles (France); 2005 - Olomouc, Litoměřice; 2006 - Bled (Slovenia), Litoměřice (Czech Republic), Beograd (Serbia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Bratislava (PEN); 2008 - Krakow (Poland); 2009 - Linz (Austria)...

* Slovak Center of the PEN International (Member since 1993, Secretary 1995-97, President 2000-2004)
* Slovak Center of Roma Club (Member since 1994)
* Slovak Syndicate of Journalists (Member since 1995)
* World Innovation Foundation (Fellow since 2002)
As a chair of Writers in Prison Committee of Slovak Centre of PEN International contributed to release from prison of writers from Vietnam (5x), Syria (2x), China (2x), Cuba (1x) and Turkey (1x)...

Travel experiences from:
Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, India, Indonesia, Italy, Israel, Japan, Jordan Kingdom, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Nepal, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland), U.S.A. (Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New York State, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin)

Further details in:
* Who’s who in the world (Marquis, USA, since 1997)
* Dictionary of international biography (Cambridge, U.K., since 1998)
* International Who’s Who of Contemporary Achievement (American Biographical Institute, since 1998)
* The International Who’s Who (Routledge, U.K., 2007)
* Album der Slowakischen Schriftsteller (Centre for Information on Literature, 2002)
* Album of Slovak Writers (Centre for Information on Literature, 2003)
+ in three other international and eleven national publications

* web-sites:,,,, etc..

Monograph: B. Baranová – Breaking myths in writing of Gustáv Murín. Diploma work, Phil. Fac. of Comenius University, 2002


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