Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Da Vinci III



Reporter and experts are staring at each other for while. Suddenly Director's voice break the music from speaker: “Peter, what happened there?”
“I don't know exactly, but...”
“Please check it out.”
“Right now, sure...” But when music come from speakers again, he turns to legal expert, whispering: “Please be careful, you are a lawyer. How can anyone do their job here? I relied on you!”
Nevertheless, now is our Reporter sure that he has to rely only on himself. In a minute he is out of the studio, at the passage, immediately curious about accidental presence of young lady with microphone in her hand.
“Sorry, Mrs. Kisbon, what are you doing here?”
“You know, this international event warrants World News coverage. Nothing against your station, but our continental broadcasts have curious listeners. I see you’re quite annoyed about all of this.”
“Me? No. Only there's something I must have verified.”
“If you're looking for one of the judges, they're locked in their chamber. Novatius is in a state, and the lawyer is in with him and the prosecutor is running between Novatius and judges, thus he's the last one who has time for your presumptuous questions.”
“Great, the things they come up with...”
“You didn't know that the defendant refused to give evidence?”
“It's his right.”
“Really? I didn't know that. Interesting.”
“But I see an opportunity to find out more. There is a deputy of supreme court...”
Kisbon turns quickly to man coming through the corridor:
“Sorry, Mr. Dalger.”
Reporter is following her, pressing himself closer to Dalger:
“Sorry, pardon me.”
Kisbon: “Mr. Dalger, what do you think, will they continue today?”
“I can answer only off record.”
Reporter: “No. Unfortunately. Oh, sorry, fortunately, I forgot my microphone back at the studio.”
Dalger: “Then hurry up, because it's going to start up again in 10 minutes.”
Kisbon: “So all this means that the break was not such a serious affair?”
“Mrs. Kisbon, in regional courts they use to make mistakes. In this case, one of the associate judges will apologize to Novatius and we will continue soon.”
Reporter: “Then I'll go back to the studio. Thanks very much.”
Kisbon: “Thanks too, but I'm also interested in...”
Entering the studio Reporter is again full of confidence, blinking at the experts to encourage them: “Everything seems to have been cleared up. We'll continue in a moment. Take the headphones, please.”
Music is still playing, but Reporter has already something for Director: “Director, can you hear me?”
Legal expert is interrupting him with guilty feelings: “What happened, in fact?”
Reporter is answering carelessly, focused to find contact with Director: “You know, the associate judge...”
Director's voice interrupt him suddenly: “We hear you, Peter, and we have an interesting bit of tape for you to listen to. Before the break, they were broadcasting this from the continental competition...”
Sooner than Reporter could respond the record begin.
Judge: “Defendant, we have confirmed from our computerized data that your whole life attests to you being this sort of a person who is unsettled, has a confrontational nature, is exhibitionistic and overly-assertive, shows cheek to authorities and rules. Do you have anything to add?”
Novatius: “I only want to point out that for each characteristic there are usually two contrasting traits. Someone can be avaricious, but also miserly. It's depends on how you see it. It's quite possible that if you turn around these accusations, you could see me from another perspective.”
Judge to his colleagues: “It's this kind of impertinence...”
Novatius continue without allowing any interruption: “But if you really want to find some good characteristic in me, you should consider my sense of humor. When so many one-sided and simplified opinions have been dumped on me, I can only smile. Laughter is also, in fact, the last bastion of self-preservation against demagoguery.”
First Associate Judge: “Are you making a mockery of this trial? Do you even realized where you
are? This trial can pass sentence without your involvement.”
Three men in studio are string at each other. From speakers they hear a courtroom noises, wave of excited voices, identical to that used before science expert and Reporter began their discussion. Suddenly a new voice break a quarrel they have heard.
Kisbon: “Dear friends, I'm sorry to interrupt this little war of words. We will be happy when you make up your mind. That's why I didn't comment on the overly emotional speech from the judge. But at this time, for your information I must add, that the verdict without the defendant is of course possible. But it testifies to the complete lack of understanding of this bizarre case. The process of this performance has only one goal: for the defendant to be brought before the court and advised, under the pressure of logical, positive arguments, to change his mind and publish his important discovery. To punish him would be society's confession of its inability to persuade a crucial person at a crucial time and place about humanity common aim. Physical accomplishment is possible from compulsion. But with spiritual accomplishments there exists some obstacle which is not possible to conquer with violence or other force. If this regional tribunal can't deal with this case, it may be headed to the Supreme Court.”
Record from tape is finish. Director's voice come from the speaker: “What do you think?”
Reporter: “Now I understand what Kisbon is doing here. And why that Supreme Court judge is swaggering around here. So, we have to get ready for another stunt from the Supreme Court, I think.”
“Peter, about any trips abroad... we'll speak later.”
“I only want to make sure we plan ahead for it.”
“What's happening in the court?”
“Don't worry. We're all prepared here. Take out this gloomy music. We're set.”
Red light is again illuminating studio. And Reporter is again in his job: “After a short intermezzo, we're back live. The first associate judge formally apologized to the defendant, and the defendant is about to answer...”

(To be continued)

Translated by Robert M. Davis

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